How to Memorize Vocabulary Easily and Fast

Learning a new language involves mastering a lot of vocabulary. WordTap helps you memorize words easily and adds fun to the process. With this user-friendly dashboard, you can create your own personalized vocabulary games in any language to speed up your learning. In order to save games you will need to register (it’s free!), and you will have unlimited space to save words, as well as an unlimited number of games to play. You can use the form below, or your personal dashboard.


  1. Start by Adding New Words: Enter words in your native language (L1) and their translations in the language you’re learning (L2). You can add as many words as you want to focus on the vocabulary that matters most to you.
  2. Play and Learn: Once your list is ready, hit ‘PLAY’ to start a game in your browser or ‘GENERATE’ to get a game number for the app. Dive into your personalized learning experience and watch your vocabulary grow.

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Memorize Vocabulary Fast

Learning a new language involves not just understanding words, but remembering and using them fluently. WordTap, an interactive language learning tool, supports this process in a simple yet effective way. Here’s how it works:

Active Learning for Fast Memorization: WordTap requires your active participation. You see a word and quickly match it to its meaning by tapping on it. This simple action is a form of active learning, helping you to remember words better by actively using them.

Immediate Vocabulary Practice: As you play WordTap, you practice vocabulary in real-time. This immediate use of words in a game setting helps solidify your understanding and recall.

Building Fluency Fast: The game’s pace encourages quick thinking, which is essential for building fluency in a new language. As you progress through levels, your ability to recognize and use words quickly improves.

Consistent Vocabulary Reinforcement:

WordTap’s interactive approach reinforces learning. By consistently matching words to meanings, you’re not just memorizing; you’re learning to use new vocabulary as part of your language toolkit.

WordTap isn’t just a game; it’s a straightforward tool designed to make language learning more interactive and retainable. It’s built on the idea that learning can be fun and effective, and it’s here to help you integrate new words into your language use with confidence.