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Want to be a master in your new language? You need words! They are the ingredients of communication and our connections. An we all want to be able to learn the foreign words we need express ourselves well.

In fact, the number one reason my students seek me out is to learn how to easily learn new vocabulary, and recall words they already know. And that’s the challenge I help them face every lesson.

Time and again they ask, “Why can I understand when I hear the word, or read it, but I can’t remember it when I want to say it?”

It’s a very frustrating feeling, but it’s actually completely normal. I felt it myself when I left America 28 years ago to live in Israel, where Hebrew is spoken.

What I learned is that you can’t learn to actively express yourself using passive learning techniques such as reading and listening. (Although by all means do those and others too!)

Countless research has pointed to the effectiveness of active learning, and that was why I created WordTap, a language vocabulary game.

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Tap into the Power of Active Learning

Active learning typically involves activities that require you to recall, produce, or apply the target language. (Passive learning might involve listening to or reading content without attempting to use or manipulate the language.)

Benefits of Active Learning

Active learning is generally more effective than passive learning because:

  1. It enhances retention. Actively recalling a word, phrase, or grammatical structure helps strengthen the neural connections in your brain. This makes it easier to remember the language later.
  2. It promotes autonomy. Active learning helps develop your ability to learn and use the language independently, without relying on external resources or support.
  3. It increases motivation. When you get it right, you’re more likely to be motivated to continue learning and practicing the language.

Examples of Active Learning Techniques

Active learning techniques in language learning can include:

  • Speaking and writing helps to reinforce your memory of vocabulary and grammar rules. For example, journaling in your target language is a great way to practice expressing yourself privately, without the fear of being judged.
  • Using flashcards to test your knowledge of vocabulary or grammar points strengthens recall. WordTap works on the same principle.
  • Asking yourself questions and trying to answer them in the target language helps you practice expression. Similar to journaling, you can practice expressing yourself and you don’t have to worry about getting it perfect.
  • Role-playing or simulations in the target language helps you practice using the language in context and build your confidence.

In short, active learning gets the most bang for its buck. It’s an effective approach because it involves using the language in ways that help you recall the target language. And this leads to better retention and overall language proficiency.

So what does all this have to do with WordTap?

Wordtap is based on the same principle.

WordTap: The Vocabulary Learning Game

Ever since I began teaching, I’ve been trying to find something that would challenge my students to express themselves that wasn’t… well… y’know, boring.

I have a little programming knowhow that I picked up at a tech company I worked at years ago as a trainer. So I dug deep into that knowledge, and was able to come up with WordTap.

How to Play WordTap

Features of WordTap:

WordTap is a fun, interactive way to learn vocabulary across 10 different languages. It’s designed to be simple and easy to use, whether on your Android, iOS device, or even directly in your browser. The beauty of WordTap lies in its ability to engage both active recall and spaced repetition techniques during gameplay.

In WordTap, a word in your native language appears in the center of the screen, and you have to tap on its equivalent word in your target language as it floats down the screen. This encourages active recall as you retrieve the correct word from your memory. The game is also designed with spaced repetition in mind, as words reappear in subsequent games at various intervals. The more you play, the more you reinforce these words in your memory, helping you to remember them in the long term.

What’s more, WordTap is completely customizable. You can add as many words as you want in any language, or use the built-in dictionary with over 2,500 of the most frequently used words across 10 languages. Whether you’re learning English, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, French, Italian, German, Polish, or Japanese, WordTap has got you covered.

The game adjusts to your learning pace. You can choose to start slow and gradually increase the speed as you become more comfortable. You also have the flexibility to have the target language word or your native language word in the center, catering to your unique learning style.

Even though it may not have the polished look of some other apps (I’m a teacher, not a designer or developer, after all), I assure you that WordTap is grounded in a deep understanding of how people learn best.

The Power of Repetition in Language Learning

Repetition is a crucial component of effective language learning. By consistently exposing ourselves to new vocabulary and structures, we strengthen neural connections in our brains, making it easier to recall and use the language in real-life situations. A language vocabulary game is the perfect medium to acheive this.

WordTap harnesses the power of repetition through gameplay. As you progress through the game, words in your target language keep reappearing, providing multiple opportunities for practice and reinforcement. This continuous exposure to your target vocabulary helps solidify your memory of the words, ultimately improving your language skills.

By incorporating repetition into a fun and interactive game, WordTap not only makes language learning enjoyable but also ensures that you retain the vocabulary you’ve learned, setting you on the path to fluency.

Play WordTap: Become a Vocabulary Master

Embarking on a language learning journey doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, stress can inhibit language acquisition. With WordTap, you can learn foreign vocabulary words in a fun and engaging way, while harnessing the power of repetition, and removing the stressful factors that can make language acquisition challenging. Give WordTap a try and experience the relaxing power of this free language vocabulary learning game for yourself.

Download the free app, or play directly in your browser.

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